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The Greater Toronto Apartment Association

Based in Toronto, ON, the Greater Toronto Apartment Association (GTAA) represents the interests of greater Toronto's most active and concerned firms participating in the multifamily rental housing industry.

In a climate of rapidly changing issues such as realty taxes, municipal fees, property and fire standards, inspections and bylaws, the GTAA was established as a municipal association to advocate for the rental housing industry and to provide a source of vital information, representation and leadership in the rental housing industry.

The Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario

The Federation of Rental-housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO) is the province’s leading advocate for quality rental housing. We represent a wide range of multi-residential housing providers, from the smallest landlords to the largest property management firms, as well as related industry suppliers and professionals from across Ontario. FRPO represents over 800 members who supply and manage homes for over 250,000 households. We are promoting a healthy and competitive rental housing industry by ensuring the impact of legislative and regulatory changes serve the best interests of landlords and tenants.

The Eastern Ontario Landlord Organization

EOLO represents the owners and managers of over 35,000 rental units in Ottawa, including most of the largest landlords and multi-residential developers, in addition to many medium and small landlords in Ottawa. Our members include property managers as well as owners who manage their own properties, including sole proprietors, partnerships, and corporations.

EOLO promotes policies that support a healthy rental housing sector. We are in favour of the free market, choice for tenants, and fair taxation at all levels. We also encourage education and improvement in industry standards. Our members want an ample supply of rental housing in the marketplace, satisfied customers (i.e. renters), satisfied employees, satisfied suppliers and satisfied owners and investors.

London Property Management Association

London Property Management Association (LPMA) is a non-profit organization, located in London, Ontario Canada, that provides information and education to landlords.

LPMA represents the interests of both large and small property owners. The association has more than 390 landlord members representing approximately 35,000 rental units. The majority of members own or manage 10 or less rental units.